Drone Alert

Think one of those little plastic “drones” can’t do much damage to the airplane you fly?  Think again!  Watch the short video of an experiment conducted using a small commonly available UAV and the wing of a typical General Aviation aircraft.
Be careful out there!


DJI has demanded the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) withdraw a misleading video and blog post which claim to depict a collision between a DJI Phantom 2 drone and the wing of a small airplane. DJI notes that UDRI staged its video to create a scenario inconceivable in real life, at a higher speed than the combined maximum speed of the drone and airplane, which is also faster than FAA testing guidelines. UDRI has not disclosed its testing methodology or the resulting data, and while it acknowledged that a similar test with a simulated bird caused “more apparent damage,” it has only promoted the video showing damage from a DJI drone.

About Colin Summers

I am an architect, programmer, private pilot, husband and father. A couple of those I am good at.
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