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Flying into Canada? Worry less about the ADS-B

Apparently Canada has decided they need to postpone their deadline for ADS-B compliance. Since quite a few of our members enjoy flying north of the border, they may wish to read the following article:

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American Airlines Recruiting Pilots

American Airlines announced today a first-of-its-kind program designed to help future aviators receive the training, financing and mentoring opportunities they need to fly for the world’s largest airline.The American Airlines Cadet Academy will provide an opportunity for future pilots to … Continue reading

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Specialty GA License Plates

The Washington State Aviation License Plate, sponsored by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Aviation Division, is a collaborative effort by several aviation organizations represented by the Washington State Aviation Alliance. The goal of this specialty plate is to … Continue reading

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What a great day!

Submitted by Mike Taylor: What a great day! The temperature is getting warmer, the days are longer, the song birds are singing ….and nesting!! Just a reminder  to add a couple of extra minutes to your preflight this time of … Continue reading

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Just had a really good avionics trouble shooting and repair experience with Cannon Avionics in Arlington. Shop owner is Jim Peak. George Mulligan

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Big Canadian Airliners Over The San Juan Islands

Flying over the pristine San Juan Islands reveals one of the most beautiful and serene expanses a pilot could ever wish for. A weekend pilot might be lulled into forgetting there’s a hotbed of heavy duty commercial aviation swarming overhead. … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Famous Photo; EarthRise 1969

Every now and then I need a good reminder of one of the greatest things humans have ever done, and this is a good one: the awe only grows greater as I grow older … Alan Anders, son of Bill Anders

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Spitfire 944

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Charlie Lindenberg; Gone West

John Ness called me last night to say that Charlie had gone West. A long time friend and neighbor at Roche, Charlie was a retired tv cameraman when they had wires and vacuum tubes. He was also an oft-published author, … Continue reading

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Friday Harbor Fly-In part 2

Thanks to Fred Schumacher!

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