Holiday Party a Fun Success

Hello San Juan Pilots

We were so happy to welcome everyone that made it to the Holiday Dinner Party, and were able to learn many of the nuances about FHR and the Franklin family’s contribution to our vibrant aviation community.  It’s unfortunate if you didn’t make it, as it was a fun time and many people gathered together to share their stories and latest happenings.  It seems everyone had a great experience and we are already looking toward next year’s event to prepare another great evening and show for 2020.

We’ll try to put some pictures from the event up on the site soon.  The Steve Franklin presentation was recorded and we will try to post that as well and/or make it available on YouTube.

There will be no scheduled End Of Month Luncheon due to the Dinner Party.   But we still recommend heading off to the SJ Brewery around 11:30 on the last Thursday, 12/26 if you have an inkling to perhaps bump into some fellow pilots, or are still on island and have some free time .  We hope all of you have a great Christmas and Holiday Season, enjoy your times together and we’ll see you again in 2020. Happy Flying!

Chris Blaine, SJPA President, planeblaine@gmailcom

About planeblaine

Farmworker, Army aircraft mechanic, Private pilot, then Army Helo school, finish college, Blackhawk Flight Instructor, finish all ratings, Turboprop Airline, Join Nat'l Guard, Jet Airlines, lose job, local aircraft mechanic, 737 Capt in China, retired, freelancing loving life!
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