COVID Cancels 2020 Christmas Dinner

Members have been notified by special email about the cancellation of our 2020 Holiday Christmas Dinner. Sadly, due to the restrictive environment regarding large gatherings during the current Phase of COVID prevention methods, it is necessary to cancel the dinner plans for this year. We are all saddened by the loss of the event, and will truly miss our biggest gathering and chance for catching up, story telling, watching cool presentations, getting the Year in Review and best of all, our yummy catered dinner!

We will of course hope for the 2021 Dinner to occur and are looking forward to that event now with twice as much anticipation! We hope that this is not too disappointing, and that each of you will be able to enjoy the Holidays with fanily and friends and that we can all get back to normal gatherings and activities in the coming months.

Good health to all, Happy Holidays and Happy Flying!

Chris Blaine

President, SJPA

About planeblaine

Farmworker, Army aircraft mechanic, Private pilot, then Army Helo school, finish college, Blackhawk Flight Instructor, finish all ratings, Turboprop Airline, Join Nat'l Guard, Jet Airlines, lose job, local aircraft mechanic, 737 Capt in China, retired, freelancing loving life!
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