Taildragger for Sale

Will Silva  wjsilva52@gmail.com  360 738-4670

GlaStar 2003 tail-dragger N3077X for sale — $90,000

Empty Weight 1,270 lbs.  Empty CG 96.3   Max Wgt 1,960

Completed in Montana, kit #5182.   Tach ~1,118, Hobbs ~1,358. 

Lycoming O-320-E3D converted to 160hp in 2005

Had prop strike in 2016, IRAN with all parts inspected.  New rings, bearings, cylinders honed.

WhirlWind C/S prop in 2017

Compressions 79, 78, 79, 78 / 80 at March 2021 annual; filter cuts, screen, and oil analyses all OK

Bendix mags new in 2017

Metal main and auxiliary tanks, total fuel capacity is 50 gallons

Engine driven and auxiliary electric fuel pumps

Long LangAir gear legs with Grove 1.5” axles, 21-800-6 tires

Cage tubes reinforced between main gear sockets

T3 tail-wheel strut with Scott 3200

VG’s on wings and horizontal stabilizer

EarthX battery

Emerging Lifesaving Technologies 406 / GPS ELT, new battery 2020 good until 2025

Stratus ESGi ADS-B in (iPad display) and out; Apollo SL40 radio

Dynon D-180 with all flight instruments and 4-cylinder CHT and EGT, many other features

Dynon pitot with AOA displayed on the D-180

Fuel-flow meter / totalizer

BeLite digital Turn & Bank

Analog Airspeed and Altimeter

Red LED panel lighting turns on with Nav lights

Wing-tip strobes & Nav lights; halogen taxi and landing lights

Garmin 296 mounted to panel with ship’s power

iPad Mini mount with USB power

Included:  original trike gear legs & fairings, wheel fairing kit for 6 x 600 tires, 5” nose wheel hub, Cleveland calipers, manual trim cable kit, build manual, logs for airframe, engine, and prop.

Optional:  filter cutting tool; magneto synchronizer; McMurdo FastFind 200 PLB

About Colin Summers

I am an architect, programmer, private pilot, husband and father. A couple of those I am good at.
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