SJPA Friday Lunch – Sep 26 @ 11:30 AM – Photos from 1,000’ AGL Across Canada!

SJPA Announcement

Join us this Friday Sep 26th at 11:30 AM for our regular End Of The Month Lunch at the Cask and Schooner Restaurant in Friday Harbor.

This month’s program will be a presentation by SJPA board member, Darryl Swenson, on his recent flights across Canada. Come and enjoy a coast to coast view of Canada through photos taken from 1,000’ AGL. You will see the crossing of the Canadian Cascades, The Canadian Rockies, the Saskatchewan plains, The Manitoban lowlands, The Canadian Shield through Ontario and Quebec, and ending at Price Edward Island / The Martine Provinces.

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Pics from the Fly-In

Photographer Chuck Simonds has some great Fly-In photos:


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Life Member June Stewart; Gone West

It is with a heavy heart that I’m notifying you that my Mother, June Stewart, passed away peacefully with no pain yesterday at Tampa General Hospital from complications of a brain injury she sustained when she fell two weeks ago.  Mother had a full and extraordinary life and will be missed.  She loved receiving your emails full of gossip, stories, jokes and information and it was the highlight of her day.  She enthusiastically checked her emails daily looking to hear from you all and you never disappointed.  There was always a message there from someone.   She would want me to tell each of you that she loved you and was blessed to have you in her life.

We are planning a memorial of celebration here were she lived, Freedom Plaza Sun City Center Florida, towards the end of July. Martin, Denny, Mitch and myself will be taking her back to her beloved home, Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands Washington, later in the year to place her in her final resting place next to Dad, Marty Stewart.

Please no flowers or cards. I am setting up a virtual memorial for Mother on her funeral home website which will take me another day to complete:

June Stewart

I wish you all love and light and I hope you find as much contentment as I do with the thought that she is safe, protected and so much happier now beyond the veil than she ever was here, in this mortal plane.

Love, Cindy Graham; June’s Daughter

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Going to extremes.

I took this photo yesterday, June 27th. Two brothers, Duane and Larry Jefts, in two CTLSs are flying from Tucson AZ to Barrow AK — the extreme northernmost point in the United States. Here you see them at Friday Harbor Airport doing their preflight inspections, topping off, and waiting for the fog to clear. They arrived the day before from Las Vegas. They departed late yesterday morning and made it all the way to Juneau AK, with a fuel stop in Ketchikan. They flew non-stop from Friday Harbor to Ketchikan. They have six weeks set aside for this trip. Follow them on their SPOT Satellite Locator Public Page:

click here


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Wings of Freedom in Bremerton

From the Kitsap Sun

BREMERTON — Three World War II-era warplanes touched down Wednesday afternoon in Bremerton.

They’ll be at Bremerton National Airport through Friday.

The Wings of Freedom Tour stops here every couple of years but wasn’t scheduled to visit this summer until a cancellation made the time available.

Mark Islam

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Thank you Long Nguyen!

This month’s SJPA End of the Month Lunch featured an excellent talk on mountain flying by Long Nguyen. Long, who has over 15,000 hours of flight time, flies search and rescue missions out of Boeing Field Seattle. His objective in talking to our group was to keep us from being one of his search and rescue customers.

The backdrop of his talk is that we are flying IN the mountains, not OVER the mountains. Long advises a “relax-and-go-slow” approach. For a small single engine aircraft that might mean flying at about seventy knots with ten degrees of flaps. Determine the airspeed you are going to fly and watch your VSI. Pay attention to the winds in order to have a sense of where the updrafts and downdrafts are.

Because you are flying slow, you can turn in a smaller radius. Slow standard rate turns are usually all you need to change direction. In tighter canyons, steep turns are necessary. Long suggests practicing steep turns so you can complete them without losing altitude. When you are flying through canyons, don’t go up the middle. Choose one side or the other so you retain a larger turning radius. He suggested favoring the sunny side of canyons where the lift is usually better.

Long’s go-to resources for checking mountain weather are satellite, radar images, and wind bars. He pointed out these are freely available at no charge — if you don’t count your tax dollars. Look for the icon to click on the webpage that puts these in motion. Wind arrows on charts are tricky. Long said many pilots misinterpret them by 180 degrees.

In addition to our standard aeronautical charts, Long carries USGS topo maps for greater detail.

Concluding with his “relax-and-go slow” theme, Long told us an important mountain flying tool is your credit card. If you’re in Eastern Washington headed back to Friday Harbor, and conditions are unstable in the Cascades, stay in a motel or rent a car and drive home.

Check out Long’s website:

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Fun Places to Fly

If you haven’t seen this website before, check it out. Lots of fun and features KFHR in a story in this edition.

Dave Ryan
FHR Manager

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KFHR Pilot Welcome Center

Friday Harbor Airport is pleased to announce the opening of the new Pilot Welcome Center in the northeast corner of the airport next to the guest tie-down area. Like many small airports, Friday Harbor Airport lacked a facility to welcome pilots to our beautiful community. Now, thanks to a grant from the San Juan County Public Facilities Financing Assistance program there is a nice place for pilots to rest, do flight planning, use the restrooms, enjoy free wi-fi, or just relax on the front porch.

The Port of Friday Harbor teamed with the Town of Friday Harbor to install a vehicle turnabout for pick-up and drop-off next to the Pilot Welcome Center and installed sidewalks that lead to the town center. Friday Harbor Airport is one of the few airports in the state where visitors can tie down aircraft and take an easy 10 minute walk to town to enjoy the shops, restaurants and hotels.

Come visit the “Gem of the San Juans” this season or plan to enjoy the 5th Annual Friday Harbor Fly-In and Community Open House scheduled for Saturday, July 26th. The pancake breakfast begins at 8:00 am with the show starting at 10:00 am. Check out this video from last year’s event!

KFHR Welcom Ctr

KFHR Lndg 16

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2014 Members

Thanks to our 2014 Members. If you’ve paid and you’re not listed please contact the treasurer, Darryl Swenson.

Hugh Allen
Nancy Auth
Chris Beauchamp
Steve Billmeyer
Bob Brunkow
Christopher Burke
Jim Cox
Sam DeFillips
Carlo Franciosi
John Geyman
Carl Gilmore
Jim Gruneisen
Paul Hammerstad
Cheryl Herndon
Carla Higginson
Kent Howell
Bryan Hoyer
Ed Kelm
David Keyes
Stuart MacPherson
Gerald Markham
David Marsaudon
Pat Mayo
Anthony Mazzarella
William Morrissey
Francis Mulcahy
George Mulligan
Marilyn Nasman
Ken Nilsson
Tim Person
Dale Pratt
Bill Robinson
Greg Simon
Ryys Spoor
June Stewart
Jim Sweet
Darryl Swenson
Bob Tauscher
Mike Taylor
Bob Tripp
Lainey Volk
Dennis Willows
Christopher Wilson
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A Cross-Border Flight

A Cross-Border Flight

Following Friday’s SJPA lunch on flying to Canada, Dennis Willows and Darryl Swenson flew in Darryl’s airplane to Nanaimo to attend the Nanaimo Flying Club’s First Saturday of the Month Brunch. It was a chilly day up north. They sailed through the Customs and Border Protection checkpoints in Canada and in the USA without a hitch.

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