A San Juan Pilot’s Bar-B-Q awaits All Aviation Enthusiasts …

Yes everyone, it’s that time of year again!  The San Juan Pilots Association is having their annual Bar-B-Q and Silent Auction Event in a couple weeks at the Friday Harbor Airport.  Members, bring your Aviation Enthusiast friends, all are welcomed.  Mark your calendars:

Saturday, July 27th, at Paul Walton’s hangar (Dodie Gann’s old hangar) the 1st blue hangar just west of the fuel pumps, FHR ramp.  Burgers ready around 11:30 AM!!  Auction ends at 12:45 PM.

We anticipate good attendance and have many nice items available for bid at the Silent Auction occurring during the BBQ.  Some of the items Donated so far are:

  • San Juan Airlines flight from within their network;
  • Scenic or Introductory flight from FHR on Westwind Air;
  • Organic meats, cuts, ground, and sausage from Aurora Farms;
  • 3 good Midfield Seats for Seattle Sounders game vs KC on Aug 4th;
  • 5 Night stay for up to 4 in 2BR, 2 BA condo in Princeville Kauai;
  • Truck load of gravel from Richard Lawson Construction;
  • Prop Balance and Oil change from Sound Aircraft Maintenance;
  • 1 night stay with $100 meal voucher at Roche Harbor Resort;
  • and many other fine donations from around our islands!

Be sure to mark your calendars and don’t miss this chance for camaraderie and great storytelling opportunities with your fellow aviation enthusiasts – there should even be many actual pilots hanging around – after all, there is a BBQ going on!  Come enjoy some fine burgers (veggie burgers also), sodas and good times at the airport!

Auction is free.   Lunch = FREE for members,  $10 non-members…

We now have a credit card reader that can get your dues paid easily on site, and we’re happy to take on new members as well… Join SJPA for $25, annual fee, makes your burgers cheaper too!    

All bids and Auction proceeds will go into the John Volk Scholarship Fund, that provides college tuition assistance to graduates from Friday Harbor high schools pursuing further education into Aviation related fields!  

Come join with us, there are many opportunities for other gatherings and events to attend!  We hope to see you there! 

Questions/comments, call/write SJPA Pres. Chris Blaine,   planeblaine@gmail.com 360-378-8837

About Colin Summers

I am an architect, programmer, private pilot, husband and father. A couple of those I am good at.
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