Workers and Equipment at Roche Harbor

Dear Pilots,

 Roche Harbor Airport is scheduled to have some workers on the runway and around the Airfield beginning Tuesday May 29th through Thursday the 31st.

The turn-a-round pavement area at the West end is being enlarged & taxiway Bravo (near the west displaced threshold) will have its edges widened between the runway & access to the parking area. Also there is a small damage area on the runway that will get a patch around mid field.

As always, the PIC has final responsibility for safe operations. Please be very cognizant of personnel and vehicles in hazardous locations as you move about at the Airfield, and always announce your intentions.


Chris Blaine, SJPA

For further information, contact:


Anita Blaine, Office Mgr, Roche Harbor Airport  360.378.3500

About Colin Summers

I am an architect, programmer, private pilot, husband and father. A couple of those I am good at.
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