Holiday Dinner A Big Success

2015 SJPA Christmas Dinner
You can tell by the smiles here that all seventy of us enjoyed a terrific Saturday evening at the annual SJPA Holiday Dinner at the San Juan Island Yacht Club in Friday Harbor. Our featured speaker, Jim Crossley, is shown at the top right of this photo. He told us riveting stories about his years as a U-2 spy plane pilot. Typically, U-2 flights last nine hours, and the pilots who fly them are on a razor’s edge the entire time. It was a surprise to many of us to learn that several U-2s are still flying today and are an essential component for our national security. The first U-2 flight was in 1955. They have been improved over the years, but they’re still essentially the same plane that flew in The Fifties.

About Darryl Swenson

I am a private pilot and amateur photographer. I live in Friday Harbor, Washington. My airplane is a Flight Design CTLS and I keep it in a hangar in Friday Harbor. My flying has taken me up and down the West Coast USA. I am enchanted by the islands and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and the allure of deserts and mountains of the Southwest keep drawing me back to the Four Corners area.
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