Don Craddock 2015 Honored Pilot

A ceremony is planned for:

2 pm Sunday,
April 26, 2015
San Juan Aviation Museum
Roy Franklin Terminal
Friday Harbor Airport

Don Craddock Honored Pilot

The Museum was established in 2007 to honor the legacy of pilots who have made major contributions to our community. This year’s honoree is Don Craddock, war hero and local volunteer who has lived in San Juan County since 1980. A wall display for Don and Betty Jane will be unveiled at the time.

Don’s flying career spanned 70 years and started the year after Pearl Harbor. Don’s Army Air Corp training took him to Minnesota, Arizona, California, and finally Langley field in Virginia. Just days before being shipped out to England in the summer of 1944, Don married Betty Jane his childhood sweetheart.

When Don and his crew arrived in England they could only expect to fly six missions before being shot down. Gradually the tide of war changed in favor of the Allies and Don went on to complete 35 missions. At war’s end he was honored with membership in the Lucky Bastards Club.

After the War Don and Betty began raising their 4-children and Don worked as a fisheries research biologist. They moved to San Juan Island in 1980.

The San Juan Aviation Museum is a joint effort between the San Juan Pilots Association and the Port of Friday Harbor, a new pilot is featured every year.

The Museum records the history of Aviation in the San Juan Islands since the early years after World War II when Roy Franklin first established scheduled air service linking San Juan Island with the mainland.

Islanders and visitors alike are invited to join together in this celebration of our aviation history.


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One Response to Don Craddock 2015 Honored Pilot

  1. says:

    Hi Bryan

    The San Juan Community Theater is putting on a National Theater production of A View From The Bridge that date and time. I, and I suspect a number of friends of the Craddocks, might be torn by that conflict. Any way the honoring ceremony might be a few hours earlier, or later?


    360 317 1742


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