Port Townsend AWOS

Mark Islam found this on the NW Flying Forum:

They’ve been fumbling around for quite a while installing an AWOS-3 at Jefferson County, but finally got her up & running today. It will be in “test” mode for a while, until they get it inspected, certified, and signed off in triplicate. It may not be available online or via telephone until then. And no, I don’t have the telephone number for it– but I do have the frequency:  119.025.


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One Response to Port Townsend AWOS

  1. Bill Putney says:

    The phone number is (360) 379-1199. Equipment has been installed to get the weather data into the FAA/NWS online system. That should be fully operational by the beginning of May. At that time the real time data will be available to briefers, FlightWatch, controllers, inflight weather services (like XM weather) and Internet apps.

    Bill PUTNEY – N5413K

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