Happy New Year to all my fellow pilots in the San Juans

Your membership in the SJPA expired December 31 and it is time to renew.    Simply go to Join/Renew and then push “Donate”, use pay pal or your credit card and you are done.

You can also pay using snail-mail, the address is
PO Box 874
Friday Harbor WA 98250.

One of the strong reasons you want to join is to fund your very local advocacy group for flying priveliges in the San Juan Islands.     You probably belong to AOPA, your national advocacy assistant and you may even belong to the WPA, our state level advocacy group, SJPA is the next lever down.

Did you know that the SJPA was founded in the late 80’s to fend off the closure of the airport.   An upsurge of retirees to the islands began building around the airport, only to discover that airplanes make noise.   They threatened to sue the Port of Friday Harbor to close the airport.   

In response, a group of local pilots gathered at Carla Higginson’s law office to create a counter measure to this threat.   After a number of meetings the fury died and the threat subsided.    This group of pilots led by Carla, was the genesis of what would become the San Juan Pilots Association.   Since then the SJPA has fended off a number of threats to our flying freedoms.

In addition to this advocacy work, we have a number of social and educational functions spread throughout the year.   Each month, the end of the month, we have a lunch which centers around the topic of flying in some form or other.    This might be an educational meeting such as our meeting with Customs and Border Patrol folks about flying across the border, or it could be just a gathering to share stories and pictures about recent flying experiences.

And, we have quarterly “pot-lucks”, as well an annual fund raiser and BBQ to support our scholarship.    And, we continue our annual December Holiday party at the yacht club.

So please support the SJPA with your $25 annual dues.

Thank you for your support,
Bob Tauscher


About Bob Tauscher

After 23 years of flying my 172, I have logged over 3,000 hours on my daily commute to work.
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