Life Member June Stewart; Gone West

It is with a heavy heart that I’m notifying you that my Mother, June Stewart, passed away peacefully with no pain yesterday at Tampa General Hospital from complications of a brain injury she sustained when she fell two weeks ago.  Mother had a full and extraordinary life and will be missed.  She loved receiving your emails full of gossip, stories, jokes and information and it was the highlight of her day.  She enthusiastically checked her emails daily looking to hear from you all and you never disappointed.  There was always a message there from someone.   She would want me to tell each of you that she loved you and was blessed to have you in her life.

We are planning a memorial of celebration here were she lived, Freedom Plaza Sun City Center Florida, towards the end of July. Martin, Denny, Mitch and myself will be taking her back to her beloved home, Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands Washington, later in the year to place her in her final resting place next to Dad, Marty Stewart.

Please no flowers or cards. I am setting up a virtual memorial for Mother on her funeral home website which will take me another day to complete:

June Stewart

I wish you all love and light and I hope you find as much contentment as I do with the thought that she is safe, protected and so much happier now beyond the veil than she ever was here, in this mortal plane.

Love, Cindy Graham; June’s Daughter

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