2014 Members

Thanks to our 2014 Members. If you’ve paid and you’re not listed please contact the treasurer, Darryl Swenson.

Hugh Allen
Nancy Auth
Chris Beauchamp
Steve Billmeyer
Bob Brunkow
Christopher Burke
Jim Cox
Sam DeFillips
Carlo Franciosi
John Geyman
Carl Gilmore
Jim Gruneisen
Paul Hammerstad
Cheryl Herndon
Carla Higginson
Kent Howell
Bryan Hoyer
Ed Kelm
David Keyes
Stuart MacPherson
Gerald Markham
David Marsaudon
Pat Mayo
Anthony Mazzarella
William Morrissey
Francis Mulcahy
George Mulligan
Marilyn Nasman
Ken Nilsson
Tim Person
Dale Pratt
Bill Robinson
Greg Simon
Ryys Spoor
June Stewart
Jim Sweet
Darryl Swenson
Bob Tauscher
Mike Taylor
Bob Tripp
Lainey Volk
Dennis Willows
Christopher Wilson

About Bryan Hoyer

Inventor, Entrepreneur and Adventurer
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