Flying Seaplanes with Kenmore Air

Kenmore Air - Primary Photo 700 x 330

Tim Brooks Speaks at the Thursday March 13th Potluck
Join us at the Mullis Fire Station at 5:30pm

Tim retired one and a half years ago from a 36 year career with Kenmore Air, the iconic seaplane airline that started flying the Pacific Northwest in 1946.

Tim came to Kenmore in 1976, a recent graduate of Monterey Institute of International Studies with an MA in Latin American Studies. He arrived as a 600 hour landplane pilot, with a Private Pilots license issued in Bogota, Colombia and US Commercial and Instrument Ratings.

From the first years of his employment with Kenmore, Tim was involved in every aspect of the business.  He worked with public relations, marketing, business development, and flight operations over the years.  One of his most enjoyable jobs at Kenmore was to assist other potential seaplane companies in startup operations worldwide.  In this role he traveled to Mexico, the Bahamas, Belize, Indonesia, Thailand, China and numerous cities around the US.  He held the position of Vice President of Flight Operations and was the FAA designated Director of Operations. It was, however, his position as a line pilot that he found the most rewarding. Tim has accumulated more than 18,000 hours on floats in the company’s Dehavilland Otters and Beavers and continues to fly for Kenmore during the busy summer season.


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