EOM Friday Lunch. Cask & Schooner. “Flying to Canada.”

For February’s “End of the Month Lunch,” we will have a refresher course on how to fly to Canada. The next day, Saturday, join an SJPA group flight to Nanaimo for a brunch at the Nanaimo Flying Club. Our friends at Nanaimo Flying Club are looking forward to our visit.

Friday Lunch:
Feb 28, 2014 at 11:30 AM
Cask and Schooner, Friday Harbor
Guest speakers: Tom Stromberg, Customs & Border Protection, Friday Harbor; and Darryl Swenson, SJPA Board Member.
All lunch participants will receive a handy “How to fly to Canada” procedures checklist.

Saturday Fly-out:
FHR to CYCD – Weather Permitting
March 1, 2004, 10:00 AM – Depart FHR
Nanaimo Flying Club’s “First Saturday of the Month” Fly In Brunch between 10:30 to 13:00
Brunch cost? By donation. Flight time in a C-172: About 30 minutes.

Come to lunch at The Cask & Schooner even if you don’t plan to join the Saturday fly-out.
Questions: Call Darryl Swenson 206-999-8188

Be sure to have these in place in advance:
Register on eAPIS – Google eAPIS
Canadian Currency
Canadian Charts
Canada Flight Supplement
Obtain DTOPS Sticker – Google DTOPS




About Darryl Swenson

I am a private pilot and amateur photographer. I live in Friday Harbor, Washington. My airplane is a Flight Design CTLS and I keep it in a hangar in Friday Harbor. My flying has taken me up and down the West Coast USA. I am enchanted by the islands and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and the allure of deserts and mountains of the Southwest keep drawing me back to the Four Corners area.
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One Response to EOM Friday Lunch. Cask & Schooner. “Flying to Canada.”

  1. Until 2010, often flew to CYYJ for fun, visit family, catch lunch at Spitfire Grill, etc. Here is a list of useful information (Darryl can likely provide updates) for the 10-15 minute flight. I’m sure there have been changes especially to the US Customs procedures.
    0. Documents: Green Card, Passport, US pilot’s licence, med cert, A/C registration (fed and state), cellphone + charger.
    1. Weather check CYYJ and enroute FSS 206 767 2726
    2. eAPIS file >1 hour in advance for both ways (decal #95xxxxx in ’09) https://eapis.cbp.dhs.gov id ________ pswd _________.
    3. Print and take CPB manifest (2-3 pages of info for pilot+1 passenger!)
    4. file VFR plan 206 767 2726
    5. arrange customs in Canada 1 888 226 7277 > 2 hours in advance
    6. arrange U.S. customs for out -and inbound flights 360 378 2080
    7. preflight, t/o, open VFR plan on 122.3 (Mt Const) or 122.15 BLI
    8. check Victoria ATIS on 118.8
    9. Call Victoria outer on 119.1
    10. When requested switch to Victoria tower inner 119.7
    11. gear down, land, clear runway, switch to Victoria ground 121.9
    12. close VFR plan either 121.9 or 1 866 992 7433 (in Canada) or 1 866 541 4101(in USA)
    13. Taxi to Shell Aerocentre for customs Clearance.
    14. Call CANPASS 1 888 226 7277, write down clearance number.
    15. Call Victoria grnd 121.9, get clearance to taxi to destination on field (e.g., either Victoria Flying Club or Spitfire Grill)
    16. Before departure, file VFR Can FSS 1 866 992 7433 (in Canada) pilot’s lic.# xxxxxxxx. Will open with take off clearance.
    17. To change Flt plan, in the plane either in the air on the ground, Call Pacific Radio 122.37
    18. Weather check FHR 378 8491
    19. Call US Customs 378 2080 if likely to be 15 m early or late.
    20. If no flt plan, e.g. for local flt in CA call 1 888 987 2633 for departure code (plan req’d for flts >25 nm)
    21.Check YYJ ATIS 118.8 then call Clearance Delivery 126.4
    22. Call YYJ Ground 121.9
    23. Victoria twr inner 119.7
    24. Switch to YYJ outer 119.1 when directed
    25. Call Seattle Radio 122.3 to close Flt plan
    26. FHR CAF 128.25, gear down, land.
    27. Clear US Customs (call 378 2080 if none present)
    Shell Aerocentre for Customs Cl then taxi to public tie-down. VFlying Club is $10/night. Shell is $30.

    Expect an invoice from Transport Canada for about $25 landing fee.
    Victoria runways 02/20, 09/27, 31/13.
    Van FSS 1 866 992 7433 (in Canada only)
    1 866 541 4101 (in USA only) or 126.7
    Victoria Center 127.8 unnecessary at low altitude. Contact YYJ twr outer on 119.1 directly.
    Close flt plan on telephone!.. 1 866 992 7433

    If no flight plan filed before departure CYYJ, call 1 888 987 2633 for code and departure prep). If VFR plan filed, go directly to Clearance Delivery below prior to Victoria Ground. Flt plan req’d for flts over 25 nm from departure point.

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