2013 Holiday Dinner Speaker

Our dinner speaker will be local pilot Doug Cole, who:

  • Began flying at age 14 out of Evergreen Airport, Vancouver WA
  • Soloed at 16, private at 17, both on birthday
  • Was a CFI at Evergreen and BFI in the mid 70s
  • Flew Charter/Corporate in Arizona and Colorado
  • Flew for San Juan Airlines 1981-85
  • Republic – Northwest – Delta (via mergers), retired 757/767 Captain 2012
  • Is currently flying a trick 150 Taildragger out of BLI

Doug will present:
“Behind the cockpit door, a Delta trip from SEA to HNL”

A day in the life of a flight Captain. Starting with  checkin at the airport then preflight checklists and cockpit procedures on a Boeing 757. Doug will give us an, inside the cockpit, visual tour of a typical Seattle to Honolulu Flight, complete with instrumentation descriptions and takeoff and landing procedures.

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