Scrap Bin Wheel Chocks

I’m on my first flight in my new Cessna 150, delivering a friend to Burlington (BVS), when I run into Carlo and friends on one of their lunch fly-outs.

It’s windy and Carlo asks if I have wheel chocks. Uh, no I reply. Fortunately Darryl loans me a pair.

Back at the shop I go thru the scrap bin and voila! Wheel chocks!

Scrap Bin Wheel Chocks

Scrap Bin Wheel Chocks

Thanks to my wife Dani for her calligraphy skills with an oversized sharpie.

About Bryan Hoyer

Inventor, Entrepreneur and Adventurer
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4 Responses to Scrap Bin Wheel Chocks

  1. Carlo Franciosi says:

    Nice chocks,by the by it’s CARLO Italian not Spanish.

  2. Dave says:

    Yes, very nice chocks. Not to be picky but, where is burlington? Yes I know, I must have to much time on my hands.

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