Friday Harbor Construction Update – 9/24


I wanted to update you on progress at Friday Harbor Airport. On Saturday, crews installed the south portion of Taxiway Alpha. It will be striped today and work along the edges will be completed in the next couple of days. We hope to have this portion open on Wednesday. Crews will move immediately to the north portion of Taxiway Alpha to reconstruct the run-up area for Runway 16. This will mean closure of that entry/exit for approximately one week. Crews will also be working nights and the runway will continue to be closed between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am local time this week.  Medical flights will be allowed to depart with prior permission.

The new lights and signs look great and we expect to have those installed this week as well.  The following week we will be working on periphery projects including some drainage improvements in the Leeward Hangar area, replacing electrical meter panels north of the terminal (this will create some power outages for those in the center section of the airport) and paving along Shelter Road.

We appreciate your patience and encourage any questions, comments or concerns.


David M. Ryan, Airport Manager
Friday Harbor Airport
P.O. Box 889
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
(360) 378-4724

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