Friday Harbor Construction Update – Aug 20

This is the KFHR construction update for the week of August 20, 2012.  Work has progressed smoothly for both Phase I and II along Taxiway Alpha and the contractor plans to move to the south end of the taxiway for Phase III and IV beginning Wednesday morning.  At that point Taxiway Alpha will be open from Taxiway Golf (North run-up area) to Taxiway Alpha 1 near the terminal ramp. Taxiway Alpha will be closed from Taxiway Charlie (where Fed-Ex parks) to the south end which will require back- taxiing from approximately mid-field to the 34 numbers for north departures. South departures may continue to use Taxiway Golf. Arrivals to the north should have no difficulties as both the north exits will be open. Arrivals to the south will need to back taxi to Alpha 1. Please consider these back taxi requirements for proper spacing when in the pattern. It will add some time for pilots to back taxi and clear the runway.

Please use caution for personnel and equipment working along taxiway Bravo (in front of Ernie’s café and the fuel island) beginning Wednesday the 22nd as electricians will be removing old taxi light fixtures and signs and trenching for the new fixtures. They will continue around the North and east ends near transient parking. The electricians will be working from inside the grass area, but there may be some areas where wing tip clearance could be an issue so please use extreme caution.   We expect Phase III and IV to be complete the third week in September. This will be followed by the widening of the RWY 16 run-up area at Taxiway Golf and some drainage improvements in the leeward hangar area. Also, while you’re out and about, please check out the new LED taxi lights and signs. They look great, as does the new pavement. We expect to have them fully operational the third week in September.     As always, if you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact me.

Regards, Dave

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