Lopez Construction Update – July 16, 2012

It looks like on Monday Taxiway A, south of A3 and A5 will be closed for a portion of the day.  Air traffic will need to back taxi to/from Taxiway A3 during this time.  Next Friday July 20 the airport will be closed for the day for paving adjacent to the runway on A2, A3 and A4 if all goes well.
After that the displaced threshold on 16 will still be in effect for the next couple weeks.

The current displaced threshold is 770′, runway length available is 2,120′.

The temporary threshold displacement will be in place except next Wednesday and possibly Thursday when the threshold will be moved to 990′ for work on A2, runway length available 1,920′.
This threshold displacement will only be in effect during daylight hours. It will be moved back to 770′ at the end of the work day

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