Hangar Flying at the May Luncheon

The conversation spanned decades, as SJPA members flew the tables at the San Juan Golf and Country Club on Friday 5/27.

Charlie Lindenberg remembered flying the Tri-Pacer with the starter button on the floor and the brakes actuated by a Johnson Bar under the panel.

 John Kalbert gave us an update on the construction of his second home built, a Zenith.  Recalling his story in a recent SJPA Monthly Newsletter, he reaffirmed that airplane building is a winter sport, best done in a heated garage.  After this summer, he expects to complete the project this winter.

Darryl Swenson was in town with his Flight Design CTLS (reported in the April Newsletter).

Don and BJ Craddock were there.  BJ remembered being in charge of locating area airports with restaurants, for SJPA fly-outs.  She said that there were usually 15 or so in the greater Puget Sound.  Now, we are down to about 4 or 5.  It’s all the more reason to make sure we get the “hamburgers” from those who are there for us.


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