Boeing ILS 13 Right to Change Next Month

The Boeing Field (BFI) ILS 13R Approach is changing!  Scheduled for publication on November 18, 2010 the new procedure changes the initial Missed Approach Altitude (climb to altitude) from 2000 feet MSL to at or below 1500 feet MSL.  The Public Comment period is closed and the graphic attached with this notice will likely be the approach plate that is published for this procedure.  Review new charts for possible changes.

 ATC wants you to be informed about the proposed new changes and they urge pilots to closely examine all approach plates prior to commencing the approach, regardless of how many times you have flown the ILS 13R approach at BFI in the past.

While on the BFI ILS 13R approach and after intercepting the glide slope, it is possible that a pilot could execute a missed approach and instead of climbing, they would have to descend to the initial missed approach altitude.  If the decision to execute the missed approach occurred above 1500 feet MSL, you would have to continue to DESCEND during the missed approach procedure to cross OCEZE/I-BFI 3.90 DME at or below 1500 feet MSL.  After you crossed OCEZE you would then continue your climb to 6,400 feet MSL and hold at BLAKO.  This is the published Missed Approach Procedure, you may receive a different missed approach clearance from ATC.
 This crossing restriction is due to the close proximity of SeaTac International Airport (SEA) and the ability to maintain traffic separation with Boeing Field traffic.

For further information contact:

Holly A. Delay
Air Traffic Manager, Boeing ATCT
Columbia District, Western Area Terminal Operations

Boeing Field (BFI) 13R ILS Graphic:


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