The Washington Aviation Coalition Opposes ESSB 6143 to Include the Airplane Excise Tax

This weekend the Senate passed its version of the budget.  The Senate version does not include an Airplane Excise Tax.  The Senate bill was sent back to the House for their consideration.
Unfortunately, the House has amended the Senate Bill (ESSB 6143) to include an Airplane Excise Tax.  This new proposal removes the .5% rate and replaces it with a flat rate schedule.  The schedule differentiates between aircraft manufactured before January 1, 1970 and those that are newer.  For some aircraft owners, it is worse than the original .5% excise tax.

Manufactured on or before December 31, 1970:
Manufactured after December 31, 1970:
Single engine fixed wing – $100
Small multi-engine fixed wing – $130
Large multi-engine fixed wing – $160
Turboprop multi-engine fixed wing – $6,750
Helicopter – $150
Sailplane – $40
Lighter than air – $40
Home built – $40
Single engine fixed wing – $338
Small multi-engine fixed wing – $439
Large multi-engine fixed wing – $540
Turboprop multi-engine fixed wing – $6,750
Helicopter – $338
Sailplane – $135
Lighter than air – $135
Home built – $135
Turbojet multi-engine fixed wing aircraft w/Maximum Certificated Takeoff Weight:
Up to 19,999 pounds – $13,500
20,000 to 24,999 pounds – $18,000
25,000 to 44,999 pounds – $22,500
45,000 to 84,999 pounds – $33,750
85,000 and over – $45,000

The legislature is actively working this weekend and, more than likely, legislation of this nature is likely to continue to be approved this weekend.  We urge all members to contact their Senators and the Governor and send them the following message:
·       We appreciate the Senate’s continuing wisdom in NOT including an aircraft tax in its revenue proposal.
·       We are adamantly opposed to any proposal from the House that would drive aircraft, jobs, and revenue out of the state. This shows no understanding of the aviation industry, its current contributions to the state’s economy, or how this level of taxation will affect our airports, our pilots, and the aviation business infrastructure that supports us.
·       We seriously offered to assist the House to the best of our abilities in its economic hard times.   Our offer was categorically rejected. With that in mind, we have no alternative but to ask the Senate to firmly reject an aircraft tax this session.
Any communications MUST remain polite and respectful.  Remember, many of the senators on both sides of the aisle have been our friends to date.  It is not necessary to go into any detail or reiterate all the original points have been made. However, we need to send Olympia this message immediately.   It is possible that the Senate could consider the House proposal this weekend or on Monday.
Legislative Hotline:  1-800-562-6000
Call Governor Chris Gregoire360-902-4111 or E-Mail :   
Member organizations of the Washington Aviation Coalition are:
Washington Pilots Association, San Juan Pilots Association, Washington Aviation Association, NW War Bird Chapters, Washington Search and Rescue Association, Washington Airport Management Association, Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association, Washington Seaplane Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Northwest Recreational Flying Association, National Business Aviation Association


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