Bob Nichols Next Honoree at the San Juan Aviation Museum

In a ceremony scheduled for March 27, at Friday Harbor Airport, Bob Nichols becomes the third aviation pioneer to be recognized.  The others were Roy Franklin and Marty Stewart.

  In her recommendation letter, Carol Marston wrote, “Bob Nichols deserves to be given strong consideration for a position of honor on the pilot’s wall because he brought “flying” to the everyday person. He took many non pilots under his wing, gave them confidence and taught them to fly.  I certainly never believed I could, or would, pilot an airplane yet with Bob’s guidance I did just that.  So did Sandy Perkins, Linda Browne, Jean Thomas, Richard Lawson, Denny Martel, Snookie Lowe…just to name a few.  

Some were natural flyers, some were not, yet Bob gave us all the encouragement and confidence to believe we could fly someday.   Prior to Bob, flying seemed liked an exclusive club, mostly for men with exceptional mechanical skills and plenty of money.  Bob brought it down to the street level and for that I will always be grateful.  I believe very strongly that he brought the little person (especially women) into the realm of flying, garnering lots of “downtown” support for the airport at a time when lots of support was needed to keep the airport open. Nichols was always a person you could count on to get you there, whether it was an emergency flight, a sightseeing flight or a scheduled flight. In addition to introducing so many of us to flying he worked tirelessly for our community in many volunteer capacities.” 

Below is a short slideshow.  We’ll add pictures as we get them.  If you have some to contribute, just email to

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