The Washington Aviation Coalition Opposes House Bill 3176/ Senate Bill 6873

The Washington Aviation Coalition, made up of the leadership of a number of the state’s major aviation organizations, including the San Juan Pilots Assn, has assembled a new list of talking points, and is asking interested parties to recontact their legislators to make their feelings known.    Again, here’s the legislature’s web site. 

Open it, click on your area and the senate and representatives’ contact information will be there.  

HB 3176 / SB 6873 – It’s not what you think it is.  This Bill creates unintended consequences for small aviation business owners who support Washington’s aircraft fleet.  The companies will lose jobs that support our state’s cherished aviation heritage.

This tax will impact jobs!  This tax will severely impact the financial viability of small aviation companies around the state, including:

  • Over 116 Service and Repair Shops, who provide 2,515 jobs.
  • 75 Fixed Base Operators, who provide 1,850 jobs.
  • 25 Flight Schools, operating 181 aircraft.  The State has 3,146 Certified Flight Instructors.

20,440 Certified Pilots in the State depend on the services of many small business operators to ensure the aviation system in the State remains viable.

There are over 178,000 Aviation jobs that provide family wage careers in Washington State.

The industry has seen a 50% decrease in flight operations already, due to the current recession.  This proposed tax increase is exactly opposite of what the aviation industry needs to recover, and will have an immediate and adverse effect on the small business owners in the State.

The Washington Aviation Coalition opposes HB 3176 / SB 6873 and instead, requests that the Legislature help nurture the aviation industry back to health, and grow aviation related jobs in Washington State.

Thank you!

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