Rep Jeff Morris Speaks Out in Opposition to Aircraft Excise Tax

In a Tele Town Hall tonight, Rep Jeff Morris went on record to the following question:

Eugene from Lopez Island: question about commuting by airplane

I have a concern about this proposed tax on aircraft. Living on Lopez Island and trying to rely on the ferry system, during the summer you can’t rely on it due to the huge influx of tourists. Our only means is a private boat or a private airplane. If this tax goes through, it is going to force me to pay a transportation tax on my personal transportation.

Rep. Morris: I’m very aware of how dependent the islands are on aircraft to get around. I’ve been voicing my opposition to that part of the revenue package. I grew up on Loomis Island myself. People look at aircraft and boats as luxury items when in fact its just how you get around. So I’ve opposed that part of the revenue package. There’s an effort to stratify it and make a difference between somebody who has a small private airplane versus a private jet.

If it wasn’t for people like you who often give me a lift when the ferry schedule isn’t good, I wouldn’t get to a lot of my meetings on time.

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